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Refill / Snack packs can be used for easy snacking or for refilling the CocoNutz Fuel Tube for use again and again. The refill packages come with 12 5-ball sleeves of CocoNutz Fuel—this way, you can rip open a refill sleeve, put the CocoNutz into the Tube and go; this method not only saves on packaging and waste products, but also allows for easier snacking when you just want to grab a few.

Yes, you can also use the CocoNutz Refill / Snack Pack during exercise, but it's cooler to use the Tube. Trust us, we checked. HOWEVER, if you find that you can't fit the Tube in your pocket/jersey, you can always pop the CocoNutz Fuel out of the Refill Sleeve. That's still cool.

Coconutz Fuel is patent pending in the United States.

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Bite-sized and easy to eat, CocoNutz Fuel is the perfect form factor for an athlete to consume during exercise (kids love 'em too!); The entire CocoNutz Fuel ball is infused with coconut oil—a perfect superfood providing quick energy for athletes; With an outer shell composed of fruit, CocoNutz Fuel will satisfy your desire for sweet, but not too sweet; CocoNutz Fuel has a softer inner ball composed of nut butter with a little bit of Real Salt to provide some savory to contrast with the sweet; Not only infused with coconut oil, CocoNutz Fuel is packed with other athlete superfoods such as chia seeds, raw blue agave nectar, Real Salt, and anti-oxidant rich fruits; Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free, CocoNutz Fuel is for everybody who needs to Go BALListic! on his or her exercise (or just snack on them, that's ok too); CocoNutz Fuel is the energy bar, nutrition bar, and energy gel alternative;