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"Got a huge boost of energy and it would last for a ridiculous amount of time. Could feel a difference between the games I didn't use CocoNutz and the ones I did."

Dominique started using CocoNutz 1/2 way through the NBA summer league--turned out to be a good thing as he made the Summer League All-star team. Congrats Dominique!

ASHLEY S. — Uses CocoNutz: Running

"The first thing I've eaten before a race (half-marathon) that hasn't made me feel sick. Eating CocoNutz made me feel awesome during the run."

DEREK R. — Uses CocoNutz: Mountain Biking

"I used CocoNutz Fuel all weekend in Moab. They are the first endurance food I have had that doesn't stick to the teeth or gag you. I'm still not sure I will be able to eat in endurance races, but will definitely use it for fuel on all my longer rides."

Have no fear Derek, you can fuel your endurance races with CocoNutz Fuel! Anything from a short XC to a 100 mile slog, CocoNutz are easy enough to eat that you can be pushing it and still fuel easily.

JOSH N. — Uses CocoNutz: Cycling

"Just bought a box, my kids and wife ate the first bag 3 seconds after I opened it!! Super tasty, hiding them for my rides."

KYLI N. — Uses CocoNutz: Snacking

"Only problem with CocoNutz I want to shove the whole tube in my mouth!! They're delicious!! I am forever a fan! You'd think someone gave you a treat, not raw nutrition!"

STEVE W. — Uses CocoNutz: XC Skiing

"I took CocoNutz on a 6 mile, fast-paced, x-country ski excursion. I liked the lighter density of the product over bars, which are too dense for me during heavy exercise. I also found these to be more filling than a gel pack, again, without the heavy feeling. Good flavor and texture."

Bottom line: Good taste, texture, density and energy. Thumbs up!"

Steve personally was a bit disturbed with the CocoNutz balls rolling out of a tube. Keep using CocoNutz Steve and you'll soon LOVE the idea of balls rolling out of a tube!

MAURICE M. — Uses CocoNutz: MMA

"I eat two CocoNutz balls and drink a couple cups of water and I don't feel hungry for hours. It gives me all the energy I need."

LORI H. — Uses CocoNutz: Cycling

"I like CocoNutz Fuel better than typical bars for 3 reasons. First, easier to swallow and chew. Nothing worse than trying to chew a big dry bar when you are breathing through your mouth because the pace is fast.

Second, they are great tasting without being too sweet. When you are already drinking a fueling, sweet drink, some bars are just too sweet tasting.

Lastly, CocoNutz Fuel is easy on the racing tummy. I can eat it right before and during a killer workout and not get sick."

Coconutz Fuel is patent pending in the United States.

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Bite-sized and easy to eat, CocoNutz Fuel is the perfect form factor for an athlete to consume during exercise (kids love 'em too!); The entire CocoNutz Fuel ball is infused with coconut oil—a perfect superfood providing quick energy for athletes; With an outer shell composed of fruit, CocoNutz Fuel will satisfy your desire for sweet, but not too sweet; CocoNutz Fuel has a softer inner ball composed of nut butter with a little bit of Real Salt to provide some savory to contrast with the sweet; Not only infused with coconut oil, CocoNutz Fuel is packed with other athlete superfoods such as chia seeds, raw blue agave nectar, Real Salt, and anti-oxidant rich fruits; Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free, CocoNutz Fuel is for everybody who needs to Go BALListic! on his or her exercise (or just snack on them, that's ok too); CocoNutz Fuel is the energy bar, nutrition bar, and energy gel alternative;