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Cherry Cashew Attack

"CHERRY CASHEW ATTACK is the most savory of the flavors (i.e., slightly more sodium) with a strong contrast between the sweet cherries and the salty cashews—if you feel a cramp coming on, knock down a few of these with some liquid and keep performing at your full potential."


Witness the unholy union of sweet, ripe cherries with salty, crunchy cashews. These flavors combined will attack your taste buds (in the best sense possible) as you fuel your way to a podium finish, or you may just be looking for something to get you through the afternoon. Regardless, these two flavors combined are sure to please.

Coconutz Fuel is patent pending in the United States.

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Bite-sized and easy to eat, CocoNutz Fuel is the perfect form factor for an athlete to consume during exercise (kids love 'em too!); The entire CocoNutz Fuel ball is infused with coconut oil—a perfect superfood providing quick energy for athletes; With an outer shell composed of fruit, CocoNutz Fuel will satisfy your desire for sweet, but not too sweet; CocoNutz Fuel has a softer inner ball composed of nut butter with a little bit of Real Salt to provide some savory to contrast with the sweet; Not only infused with coconut oil, CocoNutz Fuel is packed with other athlete superfoods such as chia seeds, raw blue agave nectar, Real Salt, and anti-oxidant rich fruits; Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free, CocoNutz Fuel is for everybody who needs to Go BALListic! on his or her exercise (or just snack on them, that's ok too); CocoNutz Fuel is the energy bar, nutrition bar, and energy gel alternative;